Start Stop Backsplash.pngGetting the perfect finished look in your kitchen has a lot to do with where to start and stop your backsplash. With windows, walls, and doors it can be a difficult decision to know where the best places are, especially when you are using a beautiful material that would look great on any wall. The following tips will help you decided the best starting and stopping points.

Tips for Backsplashes

  • Tile the main walls of the kitchen, anywhere you have cabinets.
  • When a wall goes beyond the cabinets, end the backsplash where the upper and lower cabinets end. This will give a nice clean line.
  • Consider the size of the kitchen. In small kitchens, it may be best to cover the entire wall instead of stopping at the cabinets. In larger kitchens to cover the entire wall would be very costly and unnecessary.
  • Cover the entire wall behind the range hood.
  • If a window cuts into the wall, pretend the window is not there and continue the backsplash around it to the normal stopping point. Stopping at window may make your kitchen look off balance.

There are many things to consider when deciding where to start and stop the backsplash in your kitchen. Click here to read the entire article to learn more about what designers recommend.

At Central Cabinetry, in addition to helping you find the right cabinets, our designers will also help you decide what is the best look for your kitchen when it comes choosing a backsplash. They will consider the space of your home and give recommendations of what will give your Orlando kitchen remodel the perfect finished look.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel in the near future and would like to schedule a free consultation you can contact us here.

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