central more than one countertopWhen it comes to adding visual interest and style to your Florida kitchen remodel there are a variety of ways you can do this. You can use multiple cabinet finishes in the kitchen, add crown molding, add furniture touches, or another popular option is using more than one countertop material. There are many benefits that result when including two or more countertop materials.


  • Potential to save money
  • Countertop materials are catered to designated work zones
  • Adds contrast
  • Improves function
  • Creates a focal point

You can use a variety of combinations when using different countertop materials. Some homeowners will use a quartz top for the majority of the kitchen and a wood countertop for an island. Another popular combination is a marble countertop material for an island and a granite for the rest of the kitchen. This is especially popular for homeowners who love to cook. Using these different materials naturally creates areas for eating, working and entertaining.

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