You may be shockingly surprised at how different your life could be with a second kitchen sink in the kitchen. Its something many think is a nice-to-have option, but after trying it you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

The key questions to consider are these:

Would You Benefit from a Second Sink?

Think about this. With a second sink two people can clean dishes and prepare meals at the same time. With two sinks one doesnt get overloaded with dishes piled up. With two sinks, you wont have to travel so far to do preparation. Two sinks can make you more efficient and productive in the kitchen. A second sink also can fill a specific need like at a wet bar or butlers pantry.

Where Would You Put a Second Sink?

Second Sink 1.pngIf you think you may not have enough room for a second sink, fear not. Here are some great options for you to consider.


The island is a very popular place to put a second sink. It is very convenient, easy to use and makes a lot of difference in your efficiency.

Second Sink 2.pngButlers Pantry

A butlers pantry is more effective and valuable with a sink. It helps you prepare a lot of things without traveling back to the main sink.

Baking Center

If you have a place you would consider your baking center, this is a great place to help you confine your mess. As you cook and put things in the oven you can clean as you go quickly.

Second Sink 3.pngWet Bar

If you like to socialize and party, having a sink in the wet bar is a great addition. Its great for preparing drinks and cleaning up.


In lieu of an island, a peninsula is a great alternative to have a sink.

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