Orlando kitchen remodelIf youre like most kitchen buyers, you are probably not sure what can help make your showroom visits more productive. There are a few things we suggest you pull together before we officially begin to remodel your kitchen.

Your ideas

Hopefully youve had a chance to collect an idea of some general kitchen design ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your own project. Wed love to look over your collection to get familiar with your kitchen vision. Make sure you take notes including a list of needs, wants and desires. You may also include a list of features you currently dislike about your current kitchen, so we get the whole picture.

Your budget

Check out our free budget calculator to create a proper budget for your kitchen remodel. Often, people are initially reluctant to share their budget with their kitchen salesperson or designer, but this is a key piece to the puzzle that will allow us to better match your kitchen design to your means. Were not trying to find out how much money we can get out of you, but rather making sure we arent going to offer you options that arent in your range.

Decision makers

When youre serious about remodeling, we want to make sure everyone involved is in the same boat. For this reason, we ask that each of the key decision makers be a part of the process to ensure there are no surprises. Having all parties there also helps give us another perspective, so that we can get a clear picture of what we need to accomplish in your home.


Its always helpful to see your measurements up front, so if possible, wed love for you to bring your kitchen measurements or blueprints when you meet with us. We will, of course, do an in-home measurement as well, but its great to have this information up front so that we can get a head start on planning your space.

If you have any additional questions regarding what will make the process as smooth as possible, please feel free to contact us. Were always happy to hear from you.

Kitchen Remodel Survival Kit