Bigger Bathroom.pngDoes your bathroom look small or tight? Do you wish you could make it at least appear larger than it is? Well here are some ideas that may help you as you consider what to do with your bathroom remodel to make it look larger.

Cabinets with Legs, Side Tables with Legs, or Chairs with Legs

Decorators like to put spindly-legged side tables or chairs in bathrooms. A vanity cabinet with legs is also popular. Theres a reason for this. Its because the space that shows below these things because of the legs makes the room feel bigger. You can actually see space underneath the cabinet, table or chair giving the illusion of a larger space.

Clear Glass

When it comes to shower doors and the like, some people choose opaque or other non-clear textures. It seems appropriate for shower privacy. The problem is that you get a smaller-feeling space by doing so. A clear shower door or other glass in the bathroom opens up the room to feel much larger, instead of smaller and divided.

18 Vanity

To buy more space and make the room seem larger, you can go with an 18 deep vanity instead of 21. 3 inches may not seem like a lot, but the visual appearance may help you more than it seems.

Use Larger Tile

A smaller tile means more grout which combined makes it look busier. A busier look contributes to a feeling of being confined in a small space. Use larger tiles that give the impression of a more spacious feel. Also light that gleams off tile and other materials can give a feeling of being bigger, so choose your material to help you.

Minimize Things Extending from Walls

In a small space, anything coming off the walls into the space (especially at eye level) can make it feel smaller. Be creative on storing things in your bathroom and displaying things on walls that could make it feel smaller. If you need a medicine cabinet, make it recess into the wall if possible.


Store things in cabinets or places where they can be easily taken out and put back in. Clutter makes everything feel crowded. Only keep necessary things on counters and other surfaces so it looks organized and tidy so it gives a bigger impression.

Floor Covering

If you have a floor mat, bath mat, carpet or other floor-separating item, either lose it or minimize them. The more things on the floor, the more separated and small it makes it feel.

Shower Curtain

Two things about a shower curtain can expand your bathroom. Raise the curtain bar as close to the ceiling as possible, as it gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. Also, a colorful curtain can make things seem more pleasant with space.

Utilize any or all of these ideas to expand your small bathroom. To speak to one of our experts at Central Cabinetry contact us here.

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