Central Kids bathroomIf you have kids chances are they are pretty much the center of your universe. From the day they became a part of your family life has never been the same. Their safety, well-being, and happiness are at the forefront of your mind. So if you are considering remodeling your Orlando area bathroom one of your concerns is making sure it is kid friendly and also something that are kids will enjoy. You want them to actually want to spend time in their own bathroom and hope they will stop using yours. So why not give them a bathroom they will love but also be safe in.

One of the first things we think about when it comes to designing a bathroom for children is the dcor. We think about what our kids love and usually pick a theme. After all, who doesnt love a fun Disney or jungle themed bathroom? We can easily get so caught up in the decorating that we overlook some of the most important elements when it comes to designing a bathroom for kids. We fail to think about the overall flow and function of the bathroom. Lets face it, next to the kitchen the bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the house.

The first thing you should do before ever meeting with your designer is to take an inventory of what is working well in your bathroom and those things that are not. Think about the storage, height of the sink, and the age range of the children who will be using the bathroom. Part of our goals as parents is to help our children be as independent as possible. Making a few minor changes such as the height of the vanity or sink can increase their independence and also prevent accidents.

5 Design Tips for Childrens Bathroom

  1. Safety – This should be your first priority and number one concern in the bathroom. Its important to prevent accidents before they happen. Making things accessible and within reach will prevent falls. Either lower the height of the vanity or have a stepstool that is secure for children to stand on. Prevent children from getting burned or scalded by hot water by keeping the temperature below 120 degrees. Choose flooring materials that are not slippery when wet and use anti-slip mats. For younger children you will want to keep a lock on the toilet to prevent them from falling in and drowning. It is also recommended that you install a shower bar to hold onto in the shower.
  2. Durability Kids are hard on things. You will want to choose materials that are low maintenance. Use sturdy cabinets that are not susceptible to water damage. Use a vanity top that is stain resistant such as quartz. We recommend using a wall paint that is washable.
  3. Central kid bathroom storageStorage and organization It is important to teach kids early that everything has a place. If they know where something goes they are more likely to put it away. There are many storage options for the bathroom that will save on your sanity. It will help keep things clutter free and also make the home less stressful. If you have room and several children will be using the bathroom at the same time you might consider two smaller vanities or a double sink vanity.
  4. Accessibility In addition to storage you should consider the layout and placement of things in the bathroom. Have a place where toothpaste, shampoo, and soap can easily be reached. Consider automatic faucets. Your kids will waste less water and it will make it easier to wash hands and brush teeth. If you do have a towel rack, keep it at their height.
  5. Create a healthy environment Use cabinets that are ecofriendly. Be sure and install an adequate exhaust fan. This will help with cutting down on mold and germs in the bathroom. The overall air quality of your bathroom will be improved.

Our designers at Central Cabinetry would love to have a conversation with you about designing a bathroom with kids in mind. You can contact us here.

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