Bathroom Design Trends

For the New Year

Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

The end of the year is somehow almost upon us. It is time to look toward the future and that means new trends for your bathroom remodel. Here are a few things to look out for this upcoming year in terms of bathroom design trends.

Mother Nature Making a Comeback?

The nature aesthetic is on that is visually appealing, both stylistically and comfortingly. Be on the lookout because natural elements seem to be on the rise in the modern bathroom remodel. Materials like bamboo, pebbles, and rosewood veneer bring an earthy yet soothing aesthetic to your home. You can feel like you are out enjoying nature with all of the vibrant, natural colors being expressed all within the sanctity of your home.

Distinguished Marble

Marble is a sleek reflective surface that gives off a vibrant yet refined feeling. Do not be surprised when you begin to see more and more use of marble in the modern-day bathroom remodel. A few applications of marble into the bathroom could be a marble vanity, marble flooring and even sleek marble siding. If you choose to follow this trend, you are sure to experience a lavish feeling refined ambience in your new bathroom remodel.

Minimalist Yet Stylish

The minimalist look in a bathroom remodel may at first appear plain and potentially lacking something. However, the minimalist design is one that is on the rise and is expected to be very big this upcoming year. With all of the wide-open space that you achieve combined with the maximized functionality of the pieces on hand, you can still feel an eloquent vibe from a minimalist design. You do not necessarily need an elaborate array of materials in order to make your new bathroom seem modern, you simply need the right materials that emit comfort and functionality.

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