Balance the scale of objects in your bathroomThe balance of size between objects has always been at the core of design and architecture, so it makes sense to keep it in mind when preparing for your bathroom remodel. By keeping scale in mind from the initial designs through the final decorations you will end up with a bathroom that is visually interesting and beautiful.

Different Uses of Scale

Incorporating scale into your bathroom design doesnt mean you need everything to be BIG or small, but to use both in a pleasing fashion. Some of the ways you can use scale to improve your bathroom design include:

  • Use similar shapes, but in different sizes
  • Use one material throughout the bathroom
  • Vary sizes and shapes of materials
  • Use collections of like items to balance a single large item
  • Use contrasting shapes

There are many different directions you can go when building your bathroom design with scale in mind. It all depends on the shape and size of your bathroom, but also your personal tastes.

To learn more about using scale in your bathroom, read here.

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