The annual 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends study is out. The study covers whats been happening over the last 12 months in the Kitchen and Bath Industry, and should be of particular interest to anyone thinking of doing a kitchen remodel or building a new home.

We boil down the important pieces here, but you can see the full study at bottom of this post.


Top Kitchen Features

The following top kitchen features resulted from the study.


Kitchen Remodel Spending

Spending on kitchen renovations increased again in 2016. Nearly one in 10 homeowners spent more than $100K on a completed renovation in 2016 (9%), a shift from $50K-$100K kitchens (20%), as compared to $50K-$100K spend in 2015 and 2014 (23% and 23%, respectively).


Reasons People Remodeled

While no longer being able to stand the old kitchen continues to be the top motivation for a kitchen renovation, the share of people who report finally having the financial means has increased year over year (40% for 2016-17 projects vs. 37% for 2015-16 projects). Recent home buyers continue to drive more than a quarter of kitchen renovations, consistent with the last three years (28%).


People Are Still Opening Up Their Kitchens

Great rooms continue to be popular, with over half of kitchens more open to nearby rooms following renovations. Meanwhile, over a third of renovating homeowners are increasing their kitchen size and many more are replacing major kitchen elements from countertops to flooring. Even windows and/or doors are being replaced in more than a quarter of renovated kitchens.


Contemporary Style Takes Over Traditional

When it comes to kitchen style, contemporary has usurped transitional (22% and 19% in 2016-17 vs. 19% and 21% in 2015-16), among those who changed their kitchen style during a renovation (76%). Traditional is nearly twice as popular among Baby Boomers (55+), while millennial homeowners (25-34) are more likely to opt for modern or farmhouse styles.


White Still Gaining and Winning

White continues to gain popularity in updated kitchens, with two in five cabinets (42%) and/or roughly a fifth of backsplashes, countertops, and/or walls being white (17%-23%). Yet, many updated kitchens are taking a different approach, with a third of countertops and a quarter of backslashes having multiple colors, and half of new flooring and over a quarter of cabinets in a dark, medium, or light wood finish.


White and Gray a Hit With Millennials

White countertops and backsplashes and gray flooring and walls are nearly twice as likely to appear in renovated kitchens of millennial homeowners (25-34) than in those of Baby Boomers (55+). After white cabinetry, younger homeowners favor gray and dark wood, while older homeowners opt for medium wood. Black stainless steel appliances have a surprisingly high penetration across generations.


Appliances Involved in Renovation

More than four in five homeowners replace at least one appliance during kitchen renovations (83%). Gas range and cooktop installations are on the rise (up 5% from last year). More seasoned homeowners (35+) install cooktops, wall ovens and dedicated beverage fridges than millennial homeowners.


Under-Cabinet Lighting Rules

Among the majority that update lighting during kitchen renovations (84%), most choose functional lighting such as under-cabinet and recessed lights (71% and 70%, respectively). Pendant lights and chandeliers follow as more decorative options (58% and 23%, respectively). Older homeowners are more likely to focus on function with under- or in-cabinet lighting, while younger renovators are more likely to opt for decorative pendant lights. Yet, one in four homeowners chooses a chandelier irrespective of age.


Granite and Quartz Still Reign

Among homeowners updating their kitchen countertops (71%), two in five choose granite or engineered quartz (41% and 40%, respectively). Younger homeowners are more likely than those over 55 years old to opt for alternative countertop materials, such as wood, solid surface, or concrete.


Motivations for Countertop Choices

Look and feel (72%) and durability (53%) are the most common motivations for choosing a countertop material, far ahead of cost (21%).

Yet, certain materials are preferred for their specific qualities. Look and feel is most frequently cited for marble, while durability is cited for

granite and quartz/quartzite. In contrast, laminate and wood countertops are most popular for those on a budget.


To see the full study, click here.

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