Entertainment center cabinetryWhen it comes to the home, you never hear anyone say, “Well – we just have too much storagewe need to remodel to get rid of some of it.” It is always quite the opposite. But, one thing we have noticed through the years is that kitchens and bathrooms tend to get most of the attention when it comes to installing additional storage.

Sure, there is a need in both of those rooms, but there are plenty of other spaces where you could consider adding cabinetry or other custom storage options:

Storage all over the home

The home office Do you have an area of the home designated as your “work area?” Maybe youre lucky enough to have an entire room designated as the office. Make that room everything it should be by adding customized storage to hide papers, computer parts, writing utensils, your printer, and all of your wires. No need to remain annoyed at the eyesores when there is a simple solution.

Media room Whether it be the family room, a room upstairs, or a “man cave,” your media room probably consists of a television, game consoles, a stereo, manuals, pillows, blankets and more. Sounds messy. Clean up the area by installing a custom entertainment center, shelving and proper furniture that will provide you additional storage, like a coffee table that will hide away your blankets when not in use. Dont allow yourself to get distracted by odds and ends, when you could be winning Call of Duty or watching your favorite movie instead.

Game room or “play room” Especially around the holidays, this room probably becomes quite cluttered with new toys or other items. While a toy chest helps, it can only hold so much. Consider adding creative storage solutions, such as drawer cabinets built along the walls. If you do this right, you may even end up with more storage than you know what to do with (which is not a bad thing).

Garage storage Its ok to think outside of the general living areas when it comes to storage. Tools and garden items dont have to be stacked along the walls of the garage they can be neatly organized with custom cabinetry designed for the space. Even installing just a few cabinets will make a world of difference.

Live a more organized life by adding extra storage to your home. Theres no need to limit your cabinetry and shelving to the kitchen and bathroom. If you have a room that needs some organization help, contact our team for ideas.

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