Bathroom remodelChoices are plentiful when it comes to remodeling, and we always find it interesting to see what people find important. We find that many homeowners also like to see what others in their situation have chosen as well. Thats when surveys come in handy.

A recent survey of thousands of participants revealed some interesting information about what people prefer when it comes to their bathrooms. The people surveyed were either planning a remodel, or in the process of one people of all ages.

So what did they say?

You can find the full survey here: Bathroom Remodel Insight: A Houzz Survey Reveals Homeowners’ Plans, but here are some details we found interesting:

  • The majority of respondents prefer white cabinetry for their bathroom
  • Younger participants would be more apt to put in a bathtub than those 65+
  • Glass is preferred for the main shower

If youre planning a remodel in the Orlando area, wed love to hear about it and help in any way that we can. Contact our team for a conversation.

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