central seamless backsplashesLife today seems busier than ever. Todays lifestyles support low maintenance kitchens. The more we can simplify our lives the better. Homeowners want a kitchen that is durable, simple, and easy to clean. Many are forgoing the tile and grout and choosing a material that creates a seamless backsplash.

Seamless backsplashes give an uncluttered look and blend well with a streamlined kitchen. There are a variety of popular backsplash materials that are low maintenance and look stunning at the same time. A seamless backsplash paired with a low maintenance countertop such as quartz can prevent a lot of stress and add time back into your schedule. Who doesnt need more time today?

The future of backsplashes offers a variety of seamless backsplash options. You can use a natural stone such as quartz, granite, marble or limestone. Another popular option is stainless steel. It gives a polished and sleek look. Other popular materials that designers are using for kitchen backsplashes are laminate, porcelain, and glass.

The design experts at Central Cabinetry can help you choose the perfect backsplash material for your Orlando kitchen remodel. They can also help you design a kitchen that will simplify your life. If you would like to speak to one of our design experts you can contact us here.

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