Popular types of wood in kitchensWhen youre doing a kitchen remodel, choosing the style and wood type for your cabinetry is exciting given the variety of options available. Your kitchen cabinets will largely decide themood and feelof your finished kitchen, and with so many choices of wood, you truly have an amazing array of design options.

Read below for our breakdown of the different species of wood that can beautify your customkitchen cabinetry.

Light Woods

If youre after an open and airy look, then lighter woods are the way to go. Pine, maple, and oak are classic light wood choices. Each offers a unique texture, and the lighter shades can really highlight the grain and patterns in the wood.

Light woods are a good choice for your kitchen cabinetry if youd like to have a large open kitchen space. These woods also work well for smaller kitchens, because they make the room appear larger. Light wood cabinets can contrast beautifully with dark countertops. Knots and irregularities show prominently through light finishes, but you can opt for a smoother finish if you prefer an unblemished look.

Medium and Dark Woods

For a warmer feel, woods in an in-between shade make for an inviting kitchen. Red woods are stunningly beautiful, and are a classic accompaniment to marble and granite counters. A classic kitchen cabinet combination is light red cherry or rich mahogany and green counters.

For an intimate atmosphere, darker woods evoke a kind ofromance and elegance, especially when paired with dark counters. With updated hardware, dark wood kitchen cabinets can make for a very modern kitchen.

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