Most homeowners may not realize that the corners of their kitchen are can be some of the most valuable space when correctly incorporated in kitchen design. Before you overlook those cabinet corners explore just what you can do. It will increase both the storage and function of your kitchen.

8 Kitchen Design Tips

  1. central_base_blind_corner_cabinet.jpgBase Blind Corner with Swing-Out – You can make full use of those hard to reach corners with easy access. It is a great place to store heavy dishes, pots and pans, and appliances such as a crockpot.

  1. central_easy_reach_wall_cabinet.jpgWall Easy Reach Cabinet – This allows for no space to go unused. It has creative shelving options.

  1. central_corner_drawers.jpgCorner Drawers You can never have enough drawer space. Improve the style and look of the kitchen as well as gaining some extra drawer space.

  1. Lazy Susan There are a variety of Lazy Susans to choose from. Some come standard symmetrical spin trend, an asymmetrical that makes one side of the corner cabinet longer than the other, independently rotating shelves, or one with deep shelves to hold in items. You can find one that will fit your space and needs.


  1. central_appliance_Hutch.jpgAppliance Hutch– The corner is the perfect place to have an appliance hutch to hide all those bulky things that can easily clutter our countertops.

  1. Central_base_recycling_center.jpgBase Recycling Center These 3 different bins will allow you to sort and recycle trash.

  1. central_message_center.jpgMessage Center Dont let the corner at the end of a cabinet go to waste. Include a message center to keep all your bills and imprtant papers organized.

  1. Seating Nook/ Breakfast Nook – Make your kitchen more social and have a comfortable place for your friends and family to gather.


If you are considering a Central Florida kitchen remodel in the near future we would love to have a conversation with you at Central Cabinetry. Our kitchen design experts can help you find the right options for your kitchen corners and show you other things you can do. If you would like to schedule a free consultation contact us here.

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