central cottage style kitchenIf you are a homeowner that wants a relaxed and laid back feel in your kitchen you might want to consider the cottage style kitchen. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is simple, but carefree and cheerful at the same time. It works well with any size kitchen, but is often used for smaller kitchens. The following are a few design elements you might want to include in your Florida kitchen remodel.

8 Design Elements for the Cottage Style Kitchen

  1. Open shelving
  2. Painted cabinets
  3. Soft colors such white, black, crme, and brown
  4. Farmhouse sinks
  5. Beadboard walls
  6. Furniture-style cabinets
  7. Wood floors
  8. Mismatched furnishings

If you arent convinced that a cottage style kitchen is the exactly what you want, but certain elements appeal to you, then give your kitchen some cottage touches. You might use a few elements to create a shabby chic look with some modern elements.

There are numerous ideas and options when it comes to designing your cottage style kitchen. You can clickhere for more ideas and pictures of a cottage style kitchen. If you would like to be contacted by one of our kitchen design experts at Central Cabinetry to learn more about this style of kitchen you can click here.

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