central_adding_warmth_contemporary.pngContemporary kitchens with clean and simple lines appeal to many homeowners who are choosing to remodel their Florida kitchen. Individuals who are looking for a simple and clutter free look will often choose this kitchen style.

While many homeowners are drawn to a contemporary kitchen style some shy away because they arent crazy about the sterile and cool feel they can sometimes have. When considering a contemporary kitchen with a modern schematic there are several things you can add to your overall kitchen design that will add warmth and help make your kitchen the heart of the home.

5 Ways to Add Warmth

  1. Add a skylight or large window
  2. Expose a natural wood beam or add a natural wood table
  3. Choose a warm colored countertop
  4. Mix metals with wood
  5. Add plants

For more ideas and suggestions on how to warm up your contemporary kitchen click here.

Our kitchen designers at Central Cabinetry will help you find the right materials, colors, and design elements to add warmth to your contemporary kitchen. If you are ready to have a conversation about your upcoming Central Florida kitchen remodel and talk about kitchen styles you can contact us here to schedule a free consultation.

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