central_bathroom_faucet.jpgIf you are in the market for an Orlando bathroom renovation chances are you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking forward to changing. Maybe its eliminating the tub and replacing it with an oversized shower or you are looking to update the cabinets and countertop. Whether it is getting new cabinets, more storage, or new bathroom flooring dont overlook an important feature the bathroom faucet for both the shower and sink. It is sometimes referred to as the gem that gives your bathroom the perfect finishing touch.

With so many different options and finishes it can often become overwhelming. Do you want a hands free faucet that conserves water? Do you want one or two handles? What type of finish will compliment your cabinets and counters? Here at Central Cabinetry we suggest the following 5 tips to help you decided and find the right bathroom faucet. Its important to note that not all faucets will work with every sink or shower enclosure.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucet

  1. Make sure the style of faucets you choose matches the style of cabinets.
  2. Choose a finish that either matches or is similar to your bathroom cabinet hardware.
  3. Make sure your faucets for your tub and sink are the same finish and style and dont compete with one another.
  4. Consider the maintenance and upkeep. Brushed finishes will hide water spots and fingerprints better and is something to consider if you have small children. Dont order faucets over the Internet. Visit an actual showroom where you can see what the faucet looks like. Many faucets look different than their picture on the Internet. Seeing it in person also lets you see the quality.
  5. Visit the showroom and see the faucet in person. Faucets can look very different from their picture on the internet and it is not always easy to see the quality of the faucet. Seeing it in person will allow you to see that it is real metal and help determine its durability.

When it comes to choosing a faucet, knowing what is out there and comparing the quality of different suppliers will help you become more satisfied in the end. To learn more about bathroom faucets and for more tips on choosing the right one you can click here.

Here at Central Cabinetryour design experts can also help you and give you suggestions of faucets that will work well for your custom bathroom remodel. Our designers know and understand that the faucet not only needs to be functional but also enhance the overall look and style of the bathroom. If you are interested in starting your custom remodel and would like to have a conversation with one of our design experts you can contact us here.

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