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4 Kitchen Options Everybody Does – Or Wishes They WOULD HAVE Done

These 4 options are the most requested when doing a new kitchen, and they are also the 4 most common things homeowners REGRET not doing if they didn’t choose them to begin with. If people opt against these things, they frequently end up looking for after-market solutions to fill the gap they didn’t think they would have. That’s because once they start using their kitchen they realize how much they really needed them. We call them “no brainers” because their value to your kitchen is so clear and evident.

The problem people find with many after-market solutions is that are a band aid to fix something they didn’t do originally. They don’t look right, and they don’t fit right in many cases.

If you pass over these items, you may be in the same camp, regretting that you didn’t do them initially. Then after you band aid them you won’t like the way they look and feel like an afterthought.

Item #1 – Pull-Out Trash Bins

This is the first thing that gives people relief when they try their new kitchen. You’ll go to throw something away and love the fact that the ugly smelly trashcan is hidden. You’ll love that the trash bins take up no kitchen space whatsoever.  No one wants a visible trash can in their kitchen space, and they don’t want to lose pantry space hosting a trash can either. Pull-out trash bins are the perfect solution for just about every kitchen, because they work very well, and no one sees them until it’s time to use them.

Item #2 – Cutlery and Utensil Dividers / Organizers

Include them in your kitchen and you end up with matching, fitting, organized utensils and cutlery. It looks like the cabinets were manufactured with them built in. If you don’t, you end up buying aftermarket plastic or wood dividers that don’t fit, and don’t look right. You may not think of it as a big drawback, but when you open the drawers every day and see the mismatch, it’s just another thing to make your kitchen look and feel cheap.

Item #3 – Roll-Out Trays

The key words here are “capacity” and “accessibility”. A base cabinet without roll-outs normally has a half deep shelf in the middle, which already is only half efficient at storage. The bottom is also so low that it’s difficult to reach the back of it, so you can’t see or use that space. Because of this, it ends up as unused space or the space for dead things that you never look at.

Rollouts make it so you can use the entire space effectively. That’s because pull outs are the full depth of the inside of the cabinet, and the entire shelf pulls out so you can get to all of it easily.


Item #4 – Tray Dividers

What happens if you don’t have tray dividers? You probably stack trays and larger things on top of each other in a drawer of some sort. If you do, you’re familiar with having to lift them all out to get to the one you want because it’s at the bottom.

That’s why there are tray dividers. Vertically stacked, they make it very easy to open a cabinet door and see all your trays immediately, with the ability to see the exact one you want without sifting through any of them. It’s not rocket science why so many people have them.

At Central Cabinetry, we help you make the decisions that will make you happy with no regrets. We’ve done so many kitchens that we can understand better than anyone what will make you love your kitchen or bath. To take the first step, contact an expert now.

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