2013 kitchen bath style orlando2012 is coming to an end, and with that we are seeing hints at new trends that will be coming in 2013. This past year was full of neutral colors and “transitional spaces”, but next year is looking to hold something a little bit different.

In the kitchen, we are seeing eclectic and soft contemporary styles coming to the scene. Soft contemporary is much like the modern style we saw this past year, but with less hard lines. These two design styles are followed by the “new traditional” designs that resemble the transitional spaces of this past year.

The bathrooms of 2013 will be dressed in modern fixtures with inspirations from nature. In the upcoming year we will continue to see things that are eco-friendly, as everyone is focused on helping the environement.

For more of the trends that are coming in 2013, read the full article here: What to Look for in 2013 Kitchen and Bath Style

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