Central-_Kitchen_Design_Trends_2015.jpgA great kitchen is all about the details. The little things come together to create the perfect environment.

Here are some great kitchen design tips for your project that help to make your new kitchen just what you need:

  • Color-Coordinate Your Power Outlets wherever your outlets are in your kitchen, blend them in so they accent the walls they are on instead of detracting from it.
  • Install Under-Cabinet Plug Molding you can run power under your cabinets with this method in lieu of having more outlets on the wall.
  • Use Pop-Up Outlets Hide your outlets in your counter space and use them when needed.
  • Turn Your Outlets Sideways Make them less obtrusive by installing them sideways and lower toward your counter top.
  • Create a Charging Station Install an outlet in a drawer to give you a charging station hidden away to charge your devices.
  • Use Task Lighting Correctly Place lighting in its proper place where you work. If you use under-cabinet lighting put it toward the front to lighten your workspace on counters, instead of just highlighting your backsplash.
  • Dont Crowd Your Hood Sometimes people put things around their hood to make it too busy. Give it some room so that its a better focal point.
  • Maximize Prep Space in Island A sink centered in your island might seem ideal, but it splits your workspace into small chunks. Make sure you give yourself enough space in planning your layout.
  • Account for Storing Lids Pot lids can be annoying to store. Solve the problem with a creative divider in a pullout drawer or another organized place.
  • Define Your Work Zones Determine how you will work and make your design support you and make you better. Read about work zones here.

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At Central Cabinetry, we understand exactly what youre trying to accomplish before we suggest specific design details. Talk to a design expert to ask questions about how to get started.

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